As you watch, read, and listen to the news, I am sure you are aware that the coronavirus continues to dominate the headlines as our community, state, and nation navigates through this difficult time. While most areas of our lives continue to be impacted, we are grateful that many restrictions on churches have been lifted that give us the opportunity to prayerfully consider how we should meet and worship together. I personally feel every congregation should seek Christ’s will in this decision and follow His direction for their church. Therefore, each church will follow diverse guidelines and procedures unique to God’s leadership, their congregational needs, and their specific situation.

We have been praying and discussing at EBC where we feel Christ is leading us in regards to worship, Bible studies, and other activities on campus and in our facilities. With this in mind, we will continue with our current plan for the next several weeks. Specifically, this means:

• We will continue to hold a simple, outdoor worship service on Sunday mornings.
1. This Sunday, May 31, will begin at 11:00 am.
2. Beginning on June 7, we will start at 10:00 am to “beat the heat”.
3. Cancellations due to rain or other situations will be emailed and posted on Sunday by 9:00 am. In case of a cancellation, every one is encouraged to watch the “Shelter in Place Sunday” video for that day.
4. A basic overview of the service and what to expect is listed below under “Sunshine Sundays”.
5. Once again, we urge everyone to make decisions about attending that best protect your safety, especially those in the “high risk” demographic (those with at least one underlying condition, are older than 65, or both). No one will ever question your faithfulness for choosing to worship with us while protecting yourself at home.

• We will continue to provide a “Shelter in Place Sunday” video each week. The same sermon you watch on the video will be the same sermon presented at the “Sunshine Sunday” service. The “Shelter in Place Sunday” video will be posted this Sunday at 10:00 am, but beginning on June 7, it will be available at 9:00 am.

• All activities—including Wednesday nights activities, Bible studies, ministry meetings, fellowship gatherings—will continue to be postponed.

• “Today’s Focus” devotionals and other ministry opportunities will continue to be sent out and posted during the week. While we understand these devotionals and opportunities do not replace meeting, experiencing fellowship, and studying God’s Word together, we feel this helps support the overall safety of our congregation.

Understand that we are aware of the difficulty to continue to observe and adhere to these decisions and guidelines. Many of us are weary of being separated and long for “normalcy” to return. We are also aware that other organizations are implementing different procedures that allow for more activity and fellowship in their community. From our perspective, until a treatment or vaccine is in place to combat the coronavirus, social distancing and continuous hand washing are the best safeguards that will promote safety for those in our church and community. While we are thankful churches have been given the same opportunity to reopen as businesses and other organizations, we feel following this plan of action is the best decision for EBC at this time.

Thank you for your continued understanding, patience, and prayers as we continue to work through this together. Thank you for encouraging, loving, and taking care of one another. Continue to pray and seek our King this week. Please contact us if we can help you in any way. We love you, we are family, and know we walk together during this time as children of the King.

Pastor Brad