EBC Men at Caring Kitchen

All the hype and hoopla about who could make the best biscuits came to a head Saturday morning at the Caring Kitchen in Burlington.  In one corner you had Rick, with everything laid out meticulously and ready to take the top prize.  In the other corner you had Pastor Hal, with everything he needed to bake up a winning batch.  So who was the winner???  Neither one (HAHA)!!!  It was Debbie who stepped in with a loaf of sour dough bread that took 1st prize.  The funny quote of the day goes to Rick:  “3rd place got to go home with 1st place, so I’m the winner!”.  Guess you can’t argue with Rick on that!  For more information on the Caring Kitchen, please visit their website at:  http://burlingtonassembly.net/caring-kitchen/